Doping Creative Agency: mukufunadi a Webtalk tsamba! 😍

“Doping Creative Agency”: congratulations for being among the most popular Facebook pages in Armenia! πŸ‘

koma mutha kuchita bwino koposa: kukhala pakati pa masamba otchuka kwambiri pa Webtalk, tsamba yatsopano yapaintaneti yomwe imakupindulitsani kwambiri chifukwa cha zomwe mwachita komanso zomwe otsatira anu akuchita! πŸ€‘

A Webtalk page is made for businesses, brands, celebrities, media and any type of organization to showcase their activities and communicate with their own followers.

Ubwino wa a Webtalk Tsamba ndilambiri:

  • Osalipira konse kufikira otsatira anu: your followers will certainly get your updates in their feed. Unlike Facebook, Webtalk doesn’t decide what info comes on your news feed: you decide for it.
  • Gulitsani malonda ndi ntchito zanu mwachindunji anu Webtalk tsamba. Ngati muli ndi malo ogulitsa pa intaneti, mutha kusamukira kumeneko Webtalk.
  • Pezani mphotho zoperekera moyo: Itanani ophunzira anu kuti adzakuthandizani Webtalk and earn 10% commission on all the revenue they generate. You may easily make a 6-figure income and more by simply inviting your followers to join you on Webtalk.

Webtalk Masamba ndi malonda Mpeni wankhondo waku Switzerland wakuwongolera makasitomala, antchito ndi zinthu.

Ndi Webtalk tsamba lomwe mumapindula nalo izi zapadera sapezeka patsamba lina lililonse ochezera ena:

  • Kuphatikiza eCommerce kuti mugulitse malonda ndi ntchito zanu
  • Zolemba zoyera kuthetsa zotsatsa, Webtalk mutu ndi plug mu dzina lanu lachifumu
  • CRM Yokhazikika kulumikizana kwa makasitomala ndi TRM yolumikizirana ndi gulu lapadera
  • Osasiyidwa konse kufikira otsatira anu (makasitomala / mafani)!

Koma pali zinanso: zikomo Webtalkndizosiyana pulogalamu yogwirizana, mutha kupanga ndalama zopanda malire kuchokera pamwezi kuchokera kuzomwe mwatumiza moyo wanu wonse. Ingoganizirani kuti 10% ya otsatira anu omwe alipo Funsani Webtalk monga otumizira: ndi anthu angati omwe angaimire? Onani chowerengera ichi to estimate your potential earnings. πŸ’° We bet you could easily earn a 6-7 figure income or more in the coming years… The choice is yours! All you have to do is invite your current followers to join you on Webtalk.πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

Mwachidule, nazi zopindulitsa khumi a Webtalk tsamba:

  1. Kuchulukitsa kuwonetsedwa kwa makasitomala omwe angakhale nawo
  2. Sungani zitsogozo zochulukirapo
  3. Gulitsani zina
  4. Njira yabwino yolankhulirana
  5. Chepetsa zanu malonda ndalama
  6. Fikirani omvera
  7. Pezani zowerengera zatsatanetsatane
  8. Pangani kukhulupirika kwina
  9. Onjezani traffic yanu pa Webusayiti
  10. Pezani mphotho zoperekera moyo

Pamene Facebook ikuchepa, Webtalk ikukula! In Lowani ndikusinthidwa pama media media pompano! Kuti muthe kugwiritsa ntchito zabwino zonse kukhala membala wa Webtalk Gulu la nyenyezi, onetsetsani kuti mulowe mu "STAR" mukafunsidwa kuti ndani wakupemphani! ????

Doping Creative Agency: we wish you a superb journey on Webtalk komanso bwino kwambiri ndi yanu Webtalk tsamba!

Akatswiri Tip
Izi ndizothandiza ngati mutalowa Webtalk ndi Webtalk Team Team
  • 50% adawonjezera gawo la ndalama pa pamwamba Webtalk : Tibwezeretsanso 50% ya malipiro athu a mwezi ndi mwezi kwa mamembala athu ndi othandiza. Izi zokha zingasinthe moyo wanu ngakhale mutakhalabe ambiri otumizira
  • Kudzipereka kwa wina ndi mmodzi kwa mamembala athu onse a timu: tikuthandizani kuti muthe Webtalk
  • Kufikira thandizo la premium kulimbikitsa Webtalk
  • Zida zokhazokha kukhala opindulitsa kwambiri pogwiritsa ntchito ndi kulimbikitsa Webtalk
  • Malo osungirako odzipereka kukuwonetsani ndikukuthandizani kukula

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